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Amazon - Aquamarine

Designer: ORIGENN

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AMAZONAS (Beauty, style and strength)

"Beauty begins with the decision to be oneself.

Silver ring with texture. This ring stands out from any jewelry thanks to the Aquamarine in its center, which dresses it in a deep color. As if it were a sea of aquacrystalline, it is pure beauty. The bright zircons around it give it a chic touch, it is a unique piece for daring women.

  • Material: 925 Sterling silver and Aquamarine stone
  • Color: Silver and Light Blue and Bright White
  • Height approx. 2′ 2 cm
  • Thickness approx. 1.44 cm


Most stones have great energetic power because, we must not forget, their origin and creation come directly from Mother Earth. They are stones that have been forming on our planet for years, many years, and therefore they are full of energy


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