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Designer: ORIGENN

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AFRODITA (Dazzling, elegant, chic)

"Be curious and dazzle, the energy you have will move the world"

Silver necklace with a sun-shaped pendant, composed of bright zircons and a magnificent stone in its center blue chalcedony, elegant with essence. A very chic necklace that dazzles.

  • Category: Chain + Pendant
  • Material: 925 Sterling silver
  • Chain thickness: 0.12 cm
  • Chain height: 50 cm
  • Pendant colour: Silver + Light blue and bright white
  • Stones: Zirconia + Blue chalcedony
  • Height approx. 1'85 cm
  • Thickness approx. 0.87 cm

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Blue Chalcedony

Most stones have great energetic power because, we must not forget, their origin and creation come directly from Mother Earth. They are stones that have been forming on our planet for years, many years, and therefore they are full of energy.

Chalcedony harmonizes the mind, body, emotions and spirit. By giving feelings of benevolence and generosity it dispels hostility and transforms melancholy into joy.

Psychologically it alleviates the doubt about oneself and facilitates constructive internal reflection, creating an open and enthusiastic personality. On a healing level it increases physical energy, balancing body, emotions, mind and spirit. The best position for chalcedony is on the fingers, around the neck or, where appropriate for the function it is to perform.


Your fingers may be swollen if you are pregnant or taking certain medications. Take this into consideration when measuring your fingers.

It is recommended that you measure your fingers when they are hot and at the end of the day as this is when they are most inflamed.