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Designer: ORIGENN

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OldSkull (freedom, rebellion, adventure)

"It has to do with freedom, rebellion and the feeling of having no responsibility"

Pirate-inspired silver ring. This piece is formed by a design of small skulls in all its circumference. A unique, simple and original piece.


This silver ring is inspired by the masters of piracy, who used their black flag with a skull to indicate death to their rival. Since ancient times, jewellery has been used as a symbol or unique amulet that distinguishes between cultures, tribes. In origenn we want to represent the idea of the antiquity in the present time, the jewel as representation of oneself, in this case it is inspired by the furrowers of seas.

  • Category: Ring
  • Material: 925 Sterling silver
  • Color: Silver
  • Height approx. 0.85 cm
  • Thickness approx. 0.22 cm

925 sterling silver

ORIGENN uses 925 sterling silver in its jewellery, the most appreciated and highest quality silver alloy available in jewellery. It does not contain nickel and is therefore suitable for people with allergies.


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